PT. Jatim Energy Services (JES) is a company engaged in the field of energy and port services in achieving the vision and mission, establishing a Policy on Quality, Safety & Occupational Health and the Environment (HSE) and Risk Management.


  • Implement quality management system consistently to improve the quality of human capital, services, and customer satisfaction as well as stakeholders
  • Committed to achieving the best results and exceeding the performance objectives set through continuous innovation and improvement


  • Implementing and complying with all laws and regulations relating to safety, occupational health, the prevailing environment at the national, regional and industrial level and extent
  • Create a conducive working environment and business environment where assets and business units operate
  • Use efficient resources in each activity and play an active role in preserving natural and environmental sustainability
  • To make continual improvements to safety, occupational health, and environmental management by effectively involving relevant parties for the prevention of accidents and occupational illnesses


  • Implementing Corporate Risk Management Integrated into the Strategic and Operational Planning process of the company, as a manifestation of Good Corporate Governance (GCG)
  • Directors, as the supreme accountability holder in risk management, provide strategic direction and establish risk parameters
  • Risk Management Unit, providing input to the Board of Directors on risk management, risk profile monitoring, risk measurement and reviewing the effectiveness of risk handling
  • Related units, as owners and managers risk responsible and accountable to manage risk consistently and sustainably